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A Soldier's Childhood Prayer

The following was found in the knapsack of a soldier of the Civil War, after he had been slain in battle.

Near the camp fire's flickering light
In my blanket bed I lie
Gazing through the shades of night
And the twinkling stars on high
O'er me spirits in the air 
Silent vigils seem to keep
As I breathe my childhood's prayer

"Now I lay me down to sleep"

Sadly sings the whip-poor-will
In the boughs of yonder tree
Laughingly the dancing rill 
Swells the midnight melody
Foemen may be lurking near
In the canyon dark and deep
Low I breathe in Jesus' ear

"I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to keep"

'Mid those stars one face I see
One the Saviour turned away
Mother, who, in Infancy
Taught my baby lips to pray
Her sweet spirit hovers near
In this lonely mountain-brake
Take me to her, Saviour, dear

"If I should die before I wake"

Fainter grows the flickering light
As each ember slowly dies
Plaintively the birds of night
Fill the air with saddening cries


I said: “Let me walk in the fields.”
He said: “No, walk in the town.”

I said: “There are no flowers there.”
He said: “No flowers, but a crown.”

I said: “But the skies are black. There is nothing but noise and din.”

And He wept as He sent me back.
“There is more,” He said, “There is sin.”

I said: “But the air is thick and fogs are veiling the sun.”

He answered: “Yet souls are sick and souls in the dark undone!”

I said: “I shall miss the light and friends will miss me, they say.”

He answered: “Choose tonight if I am to miss you or they.”

I pleaded for time to be given.
He said: “Is it hard to decide?"

"It will not seem so hard in heaven to have followed the steps of your Guide.”

I cast one look at the fields then set my face to the town.

He said, “My child, do you yield? Will you leave the flowers for the crown?”

Then into His hand went mine and into my heart came He;

And now I walk in a light divine, The path I had feared to see.

(Written by George MacDonald (182…

Three Morrow Brothers - They Did Their Bit (by Duay O’Neil)

Left to right: Ernest, George and Charlie Morrow. They were the sons of Arthur and Novie (Caldwell) Morrow of Del Rio, Tennessee.

When World War II began, Arthur and Novie Morrow of Del Rio had already weathered many storms. Arthur was from the Boomer Den community, up near the Tennessee/North Carolina state line above Del Rio. Son of Bulow and Eva (Guffey) Morrow, he was one of six children. Eva died when the children were young and Bulow remarried, this time to Etha Norwood, and they became the parents of three children.

Arthur became acquainted with Nova Caldwell at Mulberry Gap Methodist Church. In those days, much courting was done at church services, and the young couple quickly decided they had found their life’s partner. They married when Arthur was 19, and Nova was 14 years old. Shortly after their marriage, when Novie was only 16, both of her parents died within weeks of one another in tragic logging accidents. The year was 1914 and Novie’s parents, Dan and Minerva Caldwel…

Open Thou Mine Eyes

"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law." (Psalm 119:18)

One evening in 1944, as Russian soldier Alexander Zatzepa lay in his foxhole awaiting the call to battle, he came to know the Lord. Knowing he might not return to his safe haven, he wrote the following words...

"Hear me, oh God. Never in my whole lifetime have I spoken to you but just now I feel like sending you my greetings. You know from my childhood on they always told me that you are not. I, like a fool, believed them. I've never contemplated your creation and yet tonight gazing up out of my shell hole, I marvel at the shimmering stars above me and suddenly knew the cruelty of the lie.

Will you, my God, reach your hand out to me? I wonder. But I will tell you and you will understand. Is it not strange that the light should come upon me and I see you amid this night of hell and there is nothing else that I have to say. This though, I am glad that I have learned to know you. …