Thursday, November 17, 2022

Fred Thrasher Art Collection Up For Online Auction

The legendary Fred Thrasher, a local artist from Albany, Ky, whose works depicted the America of yesterday seen through the eyes of today, was a fixture of the art community for decades, with his final work coming in 2014.

The themes of nature, of home, and of times gone by and our own fond recollections of them would go on to span across hundreds of paintings.

Certain themes would be revisited, often with a seasonal flair – the same setting would be revisited across all four seasons, showing both the passage of time but also how each season affords it’s setting its own specific charm and beauty.

His “four seasons” collections would become some of his most prized works. Describing his art, Fred once noted “with all the traffic and busy hustle of daily life, I feel that if I can take someone back to a place that’s full of peaceful memories, even just for five or ten minutes, I’ve accomplished something.”

For the next thirty five years, he would travel around, visiting and working with galleries, studios, festivals, state fairs, and conventions to forge the relationships that would make his art a success and build the connections with those who enjoyed his work that, in many ways, was the true gift of his art career.

As a portion of the Fred Thrasher Estate, the collection will go online for auction just after Thanksgiving with the online auction closing at 6 p.m. on Friday, December 9th on For more details, call 606.256.4545.

- Mary Ellis

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