Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Summer is winding down, at least for us. How much stuff can one squeeze into a single summer anyway? The boys have had Church camp, football camp, basketball camp, football practice, little league baseball and all the games and practices that go with that, plus we watched Spencer and Craig have soccer practice, if that means anything. J.D. made the all-star team, which extended the season about three weeks. The kids had a trip to the smokies, vacation bible school and I'm sure i'm leaving a dozen other things out. J.D. broke his hand at Church camp, which was in North Carolina. He's excited because, according to him,he won't have to do anything at school for about a month, and it won't be counted against him. He says his summer vacation has been extended thru Labor Day. He's elated. Boy, is he in for a rude awakening. The other day, Elijah was swimming and there was an accident that ended up with him gashing his tongue on both sides. It bled profusely. I wasn't with him when the accident occured. The way it was described to me over the phone, I thought he had almost bit it off. So, I met him at the hospital. To say he was suffering a tremendous pain would be an understatement. He wasn't a happy camper in ER. Finally, after an undue extended time of letting him lay there and suffer, they gave him a Lortab. Poor kid fought as long as he could. His lights finally went out about 40 minutes later and he slept 14 hours straight. I threatened to give each of the kids one of those per day. Actually, I should take one myself. School starts in two weeks. I'm really not complaining. I love my children and enjoy all of their activities

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