Friday, June 17, 2011

The Apple And The Tree

In 2005, country music singer Travis Tritt released a song entitled, "I See Me." Written by Atlanta Falcons punter Chris Mohr and famed songwriter Casey Beathard, the song tells the story of a rambunctious child as seen through his father's eyes. It was written about Mohr's young son, Garrett, but whenever I listen to the song, I cannot help but think about my own life, my children and my dad.

It used to aggravate me when my kids would not stop playing in the pew and turn around and sit up straight, like my dad always wanted me to. And, then I realized that they were just being me, and when I think of them in that aspect, it puts things in a whole knew perspective.

I see so much of me in them, and to be honest that scares me.

"...I look at him and I'm so amazed, I'm so proud and then so afraid that the apple didn't fall quite far enough from the tree."
That line in the song haunts me. I've felt most of everything that life can throw at a person: roadblocks, heartbreak, mistakes, happiness and yet...lots of stupid stuff. Most of the bad things were my fault. My dad and mom raised me like a child should be raised. My Church family did that same, so all the stupid things were definitely my fault.

My dad did all the things that a dad should do with his, ball playing, swimming, eating watermelon under the shade tree. He made sure we were always in Church. He picked us up when we fell and wiped the dust from our jeans. Somewhere along the way, as I grew older, I stumbled and fell and sometimes made a pretty big mess of things. My prayer for my children will always be that the apple has fallen far enough from the tree that my kids won't be like me, that they won't do the stupid things I did, or stumble and fall like I did. Someone once said that we all fall short, and while I cannot say for sure about you, I do know for a fact that I fail miserably.

"...I look at him and I'm so amazed, I'm so proud and then so afraid that the apple didn't fall quite far enough from the tree."
I can't help but wonder if my dad were alive today and heard this song, would he think the same thing about me? One thing is for sure...before I die, I want to be just like my dad.

In the song, "Life Ain't Always Beautiful," Gary Allan sings..."life ain't always beautiful, sometimes it's just plain hard." and..."but the struggles makes me stronger and the changes make me wise." That reminds me of dad. He had his share of struggles, but he overcame and I thank God for that.

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Randy, I appreciate your writings so much. I can't imagine how you research some of the articles you talk about here on this blog. Your postings are interesting to read. I hope you continue to bless your readers for years to come. Happy Father's Day to you. -Donnie Aaron


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