Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Edison Files: My Diamond Disc Collection

50002-R Dreams Of Galilee - Elizabeth Spencer/Frederick J. Wheeler, 1913
50002-L Nearer My God To Thee - Thomas Chalmers 1912

50065-R Wedding Of The Winds Waltzes - American Symphony Orchestra, 1912
50065-L On The High Alps - Venetian Instrumental Quartet, 1914

50212-R Medley Of American War Songs - Band, 1914
50212-L Medley Of American Patriotic Airs, 1914

50292-R Valse In E Flat - Andre Benoist, 1915
50292-L Old Black Joe w/variations - Andre Benoist, 1915

50348-R On The Hoko Moko Isle - Collins and Harlan, 1916
50348-L Yaka Hula Hickey Dula - Walter Van Brunt, 1916

50351-R Massa's In De Cold, Cold Ground - Fred J. Bacon, 1915
50351-L Old Black Joe - Fred J. Bacon, 1916

50357-R Are You From Dixie - Billy Murray, 1916
50357-L Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You - Walter Van Brunt, 1916

50428-R Poor Butterfly - Jaudas Society Orchestra, 1917
50428-L The Missouri Waltz - Jaudus Society Orchestra, 1916

50452-R U.S. Army Bugle Calls Part 1 - S.W. Smith, U.S.N. & Bugle Squad, 1917
50452-L U.S. Army Bugle Calls Part 2 - S.W. Smith, U.S.N. & Bugle Squad, 1917

50455-R Ellis March - Ford Hawaiians, 1916
50455-L One, Two, Three, Four Medly - Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra, 1917

50534-R I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles - Helen Clark and George Wilton Ballard, 1919
50534-L In The Old Sweet Way - Helen Clark and George Wilton Ballard, 1919

50857-R Wonderland of Dreams - Rae Eleanor Ball and Jessie L. Deppen, 1921
50857-L Havana Moon - Rae Eleanor Ball and Jessie L. Deppen, 1921

51026-R Red Moon Waltz - Ernest L. Stevens Trio, 1922
51026-L If I Had My Way Pretty Baby - Ernest L. Stevens Trio, 1922

51145-R Darkey's Dream and Darkey's Awakening - Fred Van Eps, 1922
51145-L Medley of Southern Melodies - Fred Van Eps, 1923

80010-R Ever Of Thee I'm Fondly Dreaming - Elizabeth Spencer and Vernon Archibald
80010-L Darling Nellie Gray - Metropolitan Quartet, 1914

80098-R Annie Laurie/Lady Metropolitan Quartet, 1913
80098-L Call Me Your Darling Again - Elizabeth Spencer, 1916

80160-R I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen - Walter Van Brunt, 1914
80160-L On The Banks Of The Brandywine - Walter Van Brunt, 1914

80172-R America - Mixed Quartet w/orchestra, 1914
80172-L The Star Spangled Banner - Baritone and Chorus w/orchestra, 1914

80204-R Let The Lower Lights Be Burning - Mixed Quartet, 1914
80204-L He Lifted Me - Mixed Quartet w/orchestra, 1914

80276-R When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder - John Young and Frederick J. Wheeler
80276-L Abide With Me - Elizabeth Spencer and Thomas Chalmers, 1915

80300-R I Love To Tell The Story - Metropolitan Quartet
80300-L I Will Sing OF My Redeemer - Metropolitan Quartet

80321-R My Old Kentucky Home - Thomas Chalmers, 1914
80321-L Come Where The Lillies Bloom - Metropolitan Quartet, 1915

80395-R Dixieland Memories No. 1 - Orpheus Male Chorus
80395-L Dixieland Memories No. 2 - Orpheus Male Chorus

80453-R Sundown in Birdland - Sibyl Sanderson and Frederick W. Hager, 1918
80453-L L'Ardita-Magnetic Waltz - Sibyl Sanderson, 1918

80484-R I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers - Betsy Lane Shepherd, 1917
80484-L The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane - Metropolitan Quartet, 1918

80529-R Is My Name Written There - Charles Hart and Elliott Shaw
80529-L Shall You? Shall I? - Charles Hart, Elliott Shaw and the Calvary Choir

80549-R Only A Step To Jesus - Fred East and Lewis James, 1920
0549-L Beulah Land - Thomas Chalmers w/chorus, 1920

80613-R Recollections of 1861-65 - Edna White, 1920
80613-L Love's Old Sweet Song - Chester Gaylord, 1920

82055-R O Holy Night - Thomas Chalmers, 1914
82055-L The Palms - Thomas Chalmers, 1914

82133-R Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Thomas Chalmers, 1917
82133-L Recessional - Thomas Chalmers, 1916

82159-R I'se Gwine Back To Dixie - Maggie Teyte and the Lyric Male Quartet
82159-L Ma Curly-Headed Babby - Maggie Teyte

82236-R (a) Songs My Mother Taught Me (b) Poem - Vasa Prihoda
82236-L On Wings Of Song - Vasa Prihoda, 1921

83059-R Annie Laurie - Anna Case, 1916
83059-L Old Folks At Home - Anna Case, 1916


  1. how do you find out the value of an edison diamond disc? I have one that I only found on your site.

    1. Try googling it. There should be something there to help you with disc values.


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