Monday, November 23, 2020

Chuck Stockton's Legacy Will Live On

Charles "Chuck" Stockton's legacy was set in stone when, along about 1976, his uncle, Wendell Stockton, bought a citizens band radio and became one of the most well-known CB enthusiasts in Clinton County.

Having growin up around Wendell, it was only natural that Chuck would choose the profession he did. Dispatching became his passion. Chuck was a people-person and his people came to depend o him as their source for everything that went on in scannerland. In 40 years he never once let us down.

It was Chuck who put in a good word for me when i was hired at emergency services, and he was one of my dispatch partners. Quite often, I would remind him of how popular he was. All he had to do was put his name on the local election ballot and he would have easily won. Chuck had a loving heart. He was as kind, caring and compassionate as anyone i have ever known.

It broke my heart to take the 911 call, but i know God was with him, just as He was with me. So long Chuck. Until we meet again, your work here is done. The legacy you leave behind isn't something you left for people. It is what you placed inside us that we will always remember.

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