Sunday, November 12, 2023

The Old Red White and Blue

I’ve led you in battle... as smoke filled my threads
Lowered to half...while honoring the dead
Popping in the wind...high above your head
Fifty stars strong...with stripes of red

From shore to shore...and every state hall
I’ve hung silent but ready... till I got the call
Representing pride and freedom... to those great and small
A symbol of valor...and justice for all

Never hitting the ground...flying strong in a fight
Carried by Washington...with the enemy in sight
Hoisted in my soldiers' delight
Glory and Liberty...till morning was night

Fabric now old...that once was new
My colors have faded...and my patriots few
Adorned and the brave and true
In God we still trust...the old Red White and Blue

Adam Latham (2023)

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