Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Tickle Me, Dad!"

My friend, Jamie, wondered aloud, "Why does time go by so fast the older you get? She said that just this morning, the day before Elijah officially becomes a teenager.

I hate it. Why does he have to get older? Why does he have to go and do that to me? I am going to miss cuddling and getting down in the floor and wrestling with him. And just so he doesn't kill me, here is the official disclaimer: "WE DO NOT CUDDLE!"


It was during one of 'those' precious moments years ago, when he was a toddler, that I stopped and said, "Elijah don't get any older. Stay little the rest of your life and always be my baby." He said, "I'm trying dad, but God won't let me."

Well, that was a huge lesson for me....straight from the mouth of that 'baby.' Hard words to hear, easy words to try and ignore. But, alas, try is the best I can do.

My mistake was letting him see how much his running and jumping in my lap, when I did not see him coming, hurt. Gosh how that hurt! But, he laughed almost uncontrollably, so I let him do it. Most of the time, I managed to 'protect myself' before his knee hit its target. There were times when I wasn't so lucky. It's one of the reasons why I switched from singing alto to singing tenor.

He used to lay down and say, "Tickle me dad." I could never figure out why he would ask me to do that, and then a minute later scream for me to stop. Nowadays, I proceed with caution because he's a football lineman. I know my limits.

Happy 13th Birthday, Elijah! I love you!

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