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The American Revolution: Eight Generations Ago

"During the American Revolutionary War, almost every able-bodied man, who was not a part of the Continental Army, joined their local Milita to help protect the settlement in which they lived. Such was the case for Jacob Speck. On July 21, 1780, General Horatio Gates was at Camden, South Carolina commanding a force of 3,200 troops of which Jacob was a part of. The British general, Lord Charles Cornwalis, was also there with an army of 2,100. Even though Gates had Cornwalis outnumbered, most of the americans lacked experience and training. The North Carlina Militia had never been tried. Gates was advised NOT to go into battle under the circumstances. But, he ignored the warning.

Just before dawn on August 16th, the British troops opened the battle as the right flank fired volley's into the militia regiments, causing a significant number of casualties. When the remaining militia looked up, they saw British troops advancing toward them with their bayonets drawn. The militia did not have bayonets to counter the attack. As panic began to spread, most of the militia fled before the British regiments reached them. General Gates was among the first to run. Within a matter of minutes, the whole rebel left wing had evaporated. When the smoke and dust from the cannon volley's cleared, laying among the dead on the battlefield was Jacob Speck. My ancestor, George Speck, never knew his father, but I am reminded that God never closes one door without opening another. Before his death, He had allowed Jacob to plant the seeds that would produce many future generations of Speck family members, including me."
- Randy Speck

Son of:
Glenn Darrell Speck
Birth: 4 Jun. 1938, Overton Co., TN
Death:  29 Jun. 2003, Clinton Co., KY
Burial: Memorial Hill, Clinton Co., KY
Married to: Glenda Boles, 1 Sept. 1956 at Clinton County, KY.
Birth: Feb. 4 1939, Clinton Co., KY
Daughter of Elmer Boles (1918 - 2002) and Vada Frost (1916-2003)

Son of:
Cecil Speck
Birth: 22 Apr. 1917, Overton Co., TN
Death: 8 Feb. 1986, Jefferson Co., KY
Burial: Memorial Hill, Clinton County, KY
Married to: Dimple Means, 22 May 1937
Birth: 8 Mar. 1918, Overton Co., TN
Death:  22 Feb. 1986, Clinton Co., KY
Burial: Memorial Hill, Clinton Co., KY
Daughter of William Ezra Means (1879-1958) and Della Craig (1882-1958)

Son of:
Obed Speck
Birth: 11 Jan. 1888, Overton Co., TN
Death:  30 Oct. 1950, Overton Co., TN
Burial: Ledbetter Cemetery, Overton Co., TN Married to: Josie L. Ledbetter, 1910
Birth: 21 Mar. 1892, Overton Co., TN
Death: 27 Apr. 1936, Overton Co., TN
Burial: Ledbetter Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
Daughter of Al Ledbetter (b.1869) and Del Eads (1874-1927)

Son of:
James Wiley Speck
Birth: 2 Dec. 1859, Overton Co., TN
Death:  9 Jul. 1941, Overton Co., TN
Burial: Liberty Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
Married to: Margaret McDonald, 8 Aug 1882 in Overton Co., TN
Birth: 16 Dec. 1861, Overton Co., TN
Death:  10 Mar. 1905, Overton Co., TN
Burial: Liberty Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
Daughter of Henry McDonald (1828-1904) and Rebecca Dishman (1834-1912)

Son of:
William Calvin Speck
Birth: 3 Jan. 1840, Overton Co., TN
Death: 6 Jun. 1903, Overton Co., TN
Burial: Liberty Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
Private Co I 25 Tenn Infantry CSA
Married to: Martha S. Walker about 1860
Birth: 8 Apr. 1839, Overton Co., TN
Death:  5 Oct. 1920, Overton Co., TN
Burial: Liberty Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
Daughter of James Walker (1803-1858) and Elizabeth Snodgrass (1803-1879)

Son of :
John Speck
Birth: 3 Oct. 1812, North Carolina
Death:  7 Sep. 1886, Overton Co., TN
Burial: Highland Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
Married to: Nancy Ashburn
Birth: 3 May 1818
Death: 22 Dec. 1896, Overton Co., TN
Burial: Highland Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
Daughter of Jesse Ashburn (1787-1860) and Martha Patsy Lanier (1785-1864)

Son of:
George Speck
Birth: 1781, Stokes Co., North Carolina
Death: 22 May 1846, Overton Co., TN
Married to: Barbara Foreman
Birth: 1779, Stokes Co., North Carolina
Death: 1850-1860, Overton Co., TN
Daughter of John Foreman (wife unknown)

Son of:
Jacob Speck, Sr.
Birth: 29 Apr. 1753, Lancaster Co., PA
Death: 16 Aug. 1780, South Carolina
Battle of Camden, South Carolina
Burial: Believed to be in a mass grave on the site of the battlefield
Married to: Catherine Keefer
Birth: About 1758, York Co., PA
After 4 Jan. 1783, Rowan Co., NC
Daughter of Abraham Kieffer (1728-1765) and Christina Sprinkle (1737-1778)



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