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My Frost Genealogy

James Frost was born about 1783 at Ann Arundel,  Maryland, probably to James Frost  and Sarah Simpson.  James Frost married Annis "Polly" Hall. He died about 1845 at Frost Hollow, Wayne County, Kentucky.

Annis "Polly" Hall was born about 1789 in North Carolina to John Hall (1758-1835) and Mary Donaldson (born about 1763). Annis shows up on the 1850 Federal Census as living in Wayne County, Kentucky with her son and daughter-in-law, Cordon and Almira (Owens) Frost and their baby son, Joseph. Annis Hall Frost apparently died abt 1851 at Wayne County, Kentucky. James and Annis likely had at least the following children:

1. John Green Frost, born about 1806 at Person, NC, died June 1829 at Wayne Co., KY; on July 1, 1826 married Jane Dabney (1805-1870) and had at least the  following children: 
a. Francis M. Frost, born April 18, 1827 KY; died Jan. 15, 1916 OR; married Martha Jane Horner (1832-1905)
b. John McDonald Frost born May 30, 1829 KY; died March 25, 1880 KS. He married Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Gilstrap (1829-1900) on Sept. 15, 1850.
c. Margaret Jane Frost, born about 1830. She married Hardin T. Jones on June 23, 1848. She married John Davidson on Oct. 30, 1864.

2. Mary Evaline "Polly" Frost, born about 1808 at Wayne Co., KY, died Nov. 5, 1853 at Gap Creek, Wayne Co., KY. She married William Francis Perdue (1812-1886) on Nov. 29, 1932. They had six children: 
a. James Francis Marion Purdue, born Dec. 11, 1833; died. July 2, 1897.
b. Francis Miller Perdue, born about 1834.
c. William Addison Perdue, born Nov. 18, 1835.
d.  Doctor Franklin Harris Perdue, born about 1838; died June 17, 1864.
e.  Margaret Perdue, born about 1839.
f.  George Washington Perdue, born Aug. 24, 1844; died Dec. 15, 1924.
g.  Mary Ann Perdue, born Oct. 2, 1844.
h.  Angeletta Jane Perdue , born Apr. 25, 1850; died June 2, 1936.
i.  Franklin Frost Perdue, born about 1851.

3. Martha Ann Frost, born about 1809 at Wayne Co., KY; died 1850 at Wayne County, KY. She may have married Martin Kennedy (1821-1864) and had the following child:
a. ?Emeline Kennedy, born about 1843.

4. Joseph Addison Frost, born between 1810 and 1815 at Wayne Co., KY, likely died after 1847.

5. Fletcher Donaldson Frost, born Jul 1813 at Wayne Co., KY, died Aug. 20, 1902 at Gap Creek, Wayne Co., KY. He married Serena Ann Owens (1822-1885. They had at least the following children:
a.  Shelby Coffey Frost, born Jan. 1840 KY; died May 12, 1911 in Lincoln Co, Idaho; married Maria J Wilson.
b.  Fountain T. Fox "Fount" Frost, born 1842. He was a Confederate officer who was killed in action in Sept. 1863. 
c.  Samuel Washington Frost, born about 1844. He was a Confederate solder who, according to David Streets'research, was taken prisoner and died at prisoner of war camp in Chicago" on March 26, 1864.
d.  Sarah M. Texas Frost, born Sept. 2, 1845; died Dec. 30, 1923 at Lynchburg, Ohio. She married Oscar Rowe (1841-1892) on Feb. 8, 1865.
e.  Alexander Campbell Frost, born in 1847; died about 1899. He served in the Union army. He married Lizzie Rains (b. 1869) on Sept. 23, 1888 at Carroll County, Arkansas.
f.  Virginia C. "Jennie" Frost, born Nov. 19, 1850; died Nov. 28, 1912 in Florida; She married Oliver Rowe (1839-1910) on Jan. 20, 1869 at Wayne Co., Ky.. 
g.  Tennessee Almira Frost, born May 10, 1852; died in the 1890's; She married Wesley M. Duncan (1848-1925) on Jan. 20, 1870 at Wayne Co., Ky. They divorced in 1876.

6. ? Henry Frost, born about 1815 at Wayne Co., KY, died about 1845.

7. Nancy Frost, born about 1819 at Wayne Co., KY; died Dec. 17, 1859 at Clinton Co., KY; She married James Kelsay (1816-1898) on Aug. 28,1843; children:
a. ?Nancy Kelsay (born about 1843)
b. ?George A. Kelsay (born about 1846)
c. ?John Kelsay (born about 1848)
d. ? Angeletta "Lettie" Kelsay (1850-1902)

8. James Wesley Frost, born about 1821 at Otter Creek, Wayne Co., KY, died at Powersburg, Wayne County, KY on Oct. 20, 1891.  He seems to have married three times:

about 1840, he married Ellen Kelsey (1822-1847)
a. Rainey Frost, born about 1842
b. Johab Frost, born about 1844
c. Benjamin Frost (1846-1852)

He married Martha Ann Denney (1830?-1880?) about 1849 at Wayne Co., KY, possibly the daughter of Henry and Mary Polly Brown Denney. They had at least the following children: 
d.  Henry Denney Frost (1851-1912)
e.  Rebecca Ann Frost (1852-1887)
f.  William Shelby Coffey Frost (1853-1935)
He married Myra Jane Alcorn (1861-1936) about 1878.
g.  Mary Caroline Frost (1856-1901. She married William F. Shearer)
h.  Millard Filmore Frost (1857-1944)
i.  Ephraim L. Van Winkle Frost (1858-1937)
j.  Simeon Cravens Frost (1858-1948)
k.  John Benjamin Frost , born about 1862)
l.  Abigail Frost, born about 1864
m.  Sarah Melissa Terle Frost (1866-1904)
n.  Fountain Fox Frost (1868-1954)

He appears to have married Elizabeth "Betty" Tuggle  (1850-1926) after Martha Ann's death and had a number of children with her.  Betty was the dauaghter of Henry Tuggle (1817-1870) and Julia Ann Hurt (1821-1870)
n.  Joseph Abner Frost (1874-1955)
o.  Bird Frost (b. abt 1875)
p.  George W. Frost (1878-1878)
q.  Matilda Jane Frost (1879-1940)
r.  Snow Frost (1879-1891)
s.  Corbin Dale Frost (1880-1965)
t.  Jennifer Ann Tempy Frost (1882-1913)
u.  Jesse Thomas Frost (1885-1952)
v.  Lucy Ann Frost (1886-1970)
w.  Kessie M. Frost, born about 1889)

9. Stuart Corydon "Cord" Frost, my great, great-grandfather, born May 30, 1823 at Wayne Co., KY, died Feb. 19, 1894. Married Almira Janette Owens, born June 1, 1827, died Feb. 21, 1918. Cord Frost was born at Mullintown, Wayne County. Cord and Almira are buried in the Gap Creek Cemetery. During the Civil War, he was a Private in Co. H, 13th Kentucky Calvary, serving from Dec. 1, 1863 to June 10, 1865. Almira was the daughter of Joseph Owens (1787-1875) and Sarah Coffey (1787-1861). Cordon and Almira had 10 children:
1. Joseph Abner  Frost, born Dec. 1, 1849, died May 9, 1887. Married Burnetta Ellen Ramsey.
2. Serena Fletcher "Sis" Frost, born Nov. 24, 1852; died about 1910. She married Joseph Bertram (1847-1919), son of Avail Bertram and Rowena Hurt, in June of 1878. They had at least the following children: 
1. Lucien Lamar Bertram, born May 1879, may have died Feb. 3, 1946 at Marin Co., CA
2.  Cora Lee Bertram, born Feb. 4, 1881; died Oct. 19, 1957. Married Bert Olen Shearer (1880-1937) in 1909. They had the following children:
a. Bernice Abigail Shearer (1916-1979)
b. Josephine Bertram,/i>, born Feb 1882
c.  Margaret "Maggie" Johnson Bertram, born Aug. 8, 1884; died June 10, 1929 in KY. Married Simco Dockery, born about 1882); children: Josephine Dockery (born about 1917); Mary Dockery (born about 1919)
d.  Millie J. Bertram, born April 1886
e.  Gordon Bertram, Jan. 1888
f.  Bennett Bertram, born June 4, 1890; died Apr. 9, 1952; married Jewell Williams (1886-1988)
g.  John Charles Bertram, born Sept. 28, 1895; died Aug. 11, 1930 at Houston, TX
3. Sarah Margaret Melissa "Maggie" Frost, born Jan. 10, 1855; died Apr. 9, 1899.  She may have married a Sharp.
4. James Wolford Frost, born July 30, 1857 in Wayne County, died July 1, 1895 in Oklahoma. He married Hannah V. Bannister (born about 1868) on Nov. 15, 1885
5. John G. Frost, born Aug. 1860; died Feb 1925 in Indianapolis, IN. He was living with his elderly mother, Almira J. Frost, in Wayne County, KY on the 1910 U.S. Federal Census.  He never married.  He was killed by a train in Indianapolis, IN, where he had been working.
6. Charles B. Wolford  Frost, born Oct. 25, 1862 in Wayne Co., KY; died Apr. 23, 1906 in Oklahoma.
7. Mary "Mollie" Sherman Frost, born May 30, 1865 at Gap Creek, Wayne Co., KY. She died April 1943 at Clinton Co., KY. She married Ballinger W. Wright, Jr.  (born 1860, died 1948). They had the following children: 
a. Alonzo Wright, born Oct. 6, 1881; died March 26, 1912. Married Kathryn Wright (born about 1885); children: Lola Wright (born about 1905), Harold Wright  (born about 1913), Robert Wright (born about 1918).
b. Roberta "Bertie" Wright, born Apr. 20, 1885 KY; died Apr. 21, 1964 IL
c. Cyrus Wright, born Sept. 22, 1886 KY; died Sept. 13, 1966 KY. Married Dora A. Wray (1893-1979); children:  Farris J. Wright (1913-2000); Marion Alonzo Wright (1915-1985); Reba Wright (born about 1918); Artema Wright (born about 1921); Wendell W. Wright (1922-2001); Hayward Wright (born about 1925); Paul Wright (born about 1927); Francis D. Wright (born about 1929)
d.  Maggie A. Wright, born July 19, 1896  KY; died Apr. 5, 1980?. She married John F. Rabon (1884-1958) on Sept. 27, 1914 in Pickett County TN. They had at least one child, Ruby Zena Rabon (1915-1999)
e.  Thelma M. Wright, born Sept 15, 1901 KY; died Oct 1983 OK.
f.  Joseph Cordon Wright, born Jan. 31, 1903 KY; died Nov. 13, 1964 MI. Married Lula Staton (1912-2000); chldren: Joe Staton Wright (1929-1950); Mollie Royce Wright (born and died 26 Jun 1930); Royce S. Wright (1932-2003); Duane Wright (1946-1962).
g.  Susie A. Wright, born March 17, 1903 KY; died July 1982 IL; 1st married Frank O. Bantz (1885-1950); 2nd married Austin Shuee (1896-1956)
h.  Hettie Fletcher Wright; born Feb. 28, 1906 KY; died Feb 19, 1920 KY
8. Ulysses Simspon "Grant" Frost my great-grandfather, born July 21, 1867 at Wayne Co., KY, died Feb. 7, 1955 at Clinton, KY. He married Juliann "Hettie" Huffaker (1870-1957) on Nov. 23, 1890. Hettie was the daughter of Henry Clay Huffaker and Margaret Ann Shearer. They had at least the following children:
a. Zula Pearl Frost, born Sept. 21, 1891 IL; died May 2, 1984 CA; She married John M. Perdue (1886-1971) on Sept. 24, 1911; their children: Ednie Perdue (born about 1913); Hettie Grace Perdue (born about 1915)  Georgia Perdue (born about 1917); Marion Thomas Perdue (born about 1919); William Perdue (born about 1922); Dorothy Perdue (born about 1925); Charles Perdue (born about 1929)
b. Mollie A. Frost, born Feb. 13, 1893 IL; died Dec. 31, 1982 KY. She married Osco Martin Hicks (1885-1977) on Jan. 21, 1910; children: Gladys Hicks (born about 1915); Donald O. Hicks (1918-1975)
c.  Charles Wolford Frost, born Jan. 17, 1895 KY died March 12, 1985 GA; 1st married Edna Belle Jones (1900-1962) and they had a daughter (poss still living); 2nd married Flora Doris Stephens (1908-1991).
d.  Columbus Newell Frost, born Apr. 25, 1898 at Wayne Co., KY; died March 5, 1988 in Indiana. Married Lula D. Alexander (1907-1987).
e.  Edna May Frost, born about 1901, died about 1980. She married Harry Peter Baumer (1890-1982) on March 17, 1930.
f.  Albert Clay Frost, born Apr. 12, 1903 KY; died Aug. 15, 1967 IN. He married Ella Oaten (1920-1967) on Oct. 1, 1943.
g.  Marvin C. Frost, born March 17, 1905 KY; died Nov. 19, 1990 KY. He married Cora E Hicks (1913-1996). They had one child, Dennis M. Frost (1934-2002)
h.  George Washington Frost born Feb. 22, 1907; died Dec. 5, 1984
i.  Roy Lee Frost , born July 15, 1910 KY; died about 1980 at New Castle, IN. He married Aderine "Rene" Bertram (1914-2003) in Jan. 1933.
j.  Elsie Almyra Frost, born Aug. 4, 1914 KY; died Sept. 6,2005 IN. She married Walter Dennis Bertram (1911-2010) on Nov. 30, 1933.
k.  Vada Fay Frost, born June 5, 1916 KY; died Dec. 26, 2003 KY. She married Elmer Bates Boles (1918-2002).
a. William Edgar "Ed" Frost, born Jul 1899; died Dec. 4, 1955.
b Hettie Josephine Frost, born Feb. 4, 1906; died 1964; married a Grayer.
c. John Jones Frost, born Aug. 22, 1911; died 1984.
10. Thomas Frost, born about 1827 at Wayne Co, KY. The Kentucky Marriage Records list a Thomas Frost (born about 1828 at Wayne County, KY) as marrying a Martha Colyer (born about 1836).
a.  Franklin Frost, born about 1854.
b.  Angeletta Frost, born about 1856.
11. Angeletta Jane Frost, born about 1829 at Wayne Co, KY. Married Nathaniel Kelsay (1826-1899); died in Ray, Missouri about 1854. They had the following children:
a.  John Kelsay, born about 1849 in Missouri
b.  William Kelsay, born about 1851.
12. Clinton Jasper Frost, born about 1830 at Wayne Co, KY;  d. 11 Nov 1856 at Wayne County, KY. He married Nancy Agnes Young (b. abt 1831) on March 4, 1849. Nancy may have been the daughter of Israel Young (1797-1847) and Esther Anderson (1803-1848). They had the following children:
a.  James Alvin Frost, born April 1850 KY; died 1931 Burnside KY.
b.  Francis Marion Frost, born about 1852; died about 1894.
c.  John Dee Frost, born April 1853 KY; died April 17, 1898 KY.
d.  Mary Jane Frost, born Oct 25, 1854 KY.
e.  Fletcher D. Frost, born about 1856 KY; died Jan. 17, 1937 WA.
10. Joseph Abner Frost was born Dec. 1, 1849 to Corydon Frost and Almira Jenette Owens. He married Burnetta "Ellen" Ramsey, born April 28, 1857, died Jan. 21, 1938, daughter of Richard Ramsey and Sarah "Sally" Rector, on Dec. 31, 1874 at Wayne County, KY. Joseph Frost may have been the first person buried at Gap Creek Cemetery. He died on May 9, 1887. Joseph and Ellen had 5 children:

1.  Isaac Newell Frost, born Nov. 21, 1875. He died Aprip 18, 1896, after being bitten by a rabid dog.
2.  William Thompson Frost, born and died Feb. 4, 1878.
3.  Virginia Emmeline "Emma" Frost, born May 13, 1882, died Sept. 1, 1963. Married Christopher Wayne Rector Feb. 22, 1901 in Wayne County, KY.
4.  Maggie "Nora" Frost, born Jan. 31, 1885; died Aug. 6, 1970. Married John Absolom Ramsey (1876-1963), son of George W. Ramsey, on Nov. 27, 1900 at Byrdstown, Pickett County, TN. They had 11 children: 
a.  Myra Ellen Ramsey, born Sept. 26, 1902; died Dec. 12, 1997. Married Harrison Matthews (1891-1966).
b.  Sarah Mollie Ramsey, died Feb. 6, 1998 IL?; Married Donald B. Garner (1905-1974) in 1927; They had at least three sons, Donal B. Garner (1929-2002); Claud R. Garner (1930-1970); Jimmy G. Garner (1938-1973).
c.  Bonnie Maebelle Ramsey, born Feb. 10, 1908, died April 9, 1989. Married Fred Jenkins Lykins (1904-1978)
d.  Newell Shy Ramsey, born Feb. 1, 1910; died Feb. 23, 1974; Married America Elizabeth Upchurch (1910-1996).
e.  Grace V. Ramsey, born Apr. 11, 1912 KY; died Juky 14,1991 TN. Married Jeff Franklin Russell (1915-1982). They had at least two children: Gary Riley Russell (1939-1955); Jeff Grant Russell (1944-2013).
f.  James C. "Jim" Ramsey, born April 20, 1914, died Nov. 28, 1937.
g.  Joseph Absalom Ramsey, b. 1916, d. 1916.
h.  John Riley Ramsey, born Aug. 8, 1917; died July 1935.
i.  Sibyl Julia Ramsey, born June 1, 1920; died Dec. 11, 1999.
j.  Reba H. Ramsey, born April 26, 1922; died Oct. 25, 2014. Married Clarence H. Bates (1920-2003)
k.  Raymond Ramsey, born April 7, 1924, died Oct. 6, 1943 (in WWII)
5.  Charlie A. Frost, born Jan. 26, 1887; died Jan. 20, 1888; buried at Gap Creek Cemetery.
After Joseph died. Ellen married Lewis Shearer.

Compiled by Colette Rector Walls


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