Monday, June 8, 2009

I am Hooked on Farm Town

I was traveling along Kentucky Highway 90 yesterday when, just south of Beaumont, I happened upon a small plowed field. I slammed on the brake and slowed down long enough to imagine I was standing in the middle of that plot of ground planting grapes!

Someone please help me!

Okay, so what I REALLY wanted to type was...

"Someone please help me make more money!"

I admit Farm Town has a hold on me and it won't let go! Or, I won't let go. Is there a 12-step (acre) program for Farm Town addicts?

Farm Town is a product of Facebook. Over the past few weeks, the program has jumped in traffic to become one of the top Facebook applications. 50 percent of those visitors keep coming back every single day.

Coming back?


At Farm Town, users are given their own farm in which they can plow their fields, plant seeds, harvest crops (to sell), raise animals, and essentially build an entire farm from scratch.

If you want to know know when your crops are ready for harvesting you can turn on email alerts to get notified. It takes 'needing' to go online to check your e-mail to a whole new level, trust me.

Farmtown is a basic virtual where users can interact with other users in real-time. Want to hire some helping hands for your farm? Go to the marketplace to find some people who can help. You also go there to get a job. I have been known to stand in the midst of others at the Marketplace for long periods of time and beg for someone to hire me to harvest their field!

I know what's going to happen. I am going to be live on the air during the Trading Post, and someone is going to call in and say they need help on their farm and I'm going to scream...


Normally, on any other topic, I would post a link relating to the subject of my post, but not this time. I could not bear it if I caused one of my dear readers to go down the wrong 'path' and become addicted to Farm Town. As a matter of fact, if you are on Facebook and come upon an invitation to join Farm Town, quickly unplug your computer from the wall and RUN!

But....if, by chance you do play Farm Town, I could use a silo, a barn, a bigger house and a pond.

I just thought I would throw that little piece of information in for good measure.

"We're all hi-tech rednecks," said a friend of mine! We spend all our time farming online!"

If there isn't a Farm Town Anonymous. There will be soon!


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