Monday, June 15, 2015

In My Family Tree: Chief Nettle Carrier

There is evidence of Cherokee indians on more than one branch of my family tree. Elizabeth "Jennie" Franklin Boles, who was the great-grandmother of my great-grandfather, Hige Boles, was the daughter of a full-blooded Cherokee, whose name was Princess Rose. She was the niece of Chief Nettle Carrier, whose village in Overton County wasn't far from Obey River. Later, when a community sprang up near the Indian village, it was called Nettle Carrier, in honor of the chief. Today, we know it as Alpine.

Alpine Mountain

A map of Overton County showing Nettle Carrier Creek


  1. Col. Stephen Calvin Copelands son Joseph "Big Joe" Copeland married Chief Nettle Carriers daughter Hannah Thatcher. From Col. Stephen to me is 8 generations and from Chief Nettle Carrier is 8 generations. My name is Kelvin.D.Copeland. The family took Col. Stephens name "Calvin" and changed it to "Kelvin" to give me my name.

    1. I have also been told that I am a descendant of " Big Joe" Copeland and Hannah Thatcher. Their son Jefferson Madison and Mary Copeland married and moved near Liberty Hill, Tx. Mary was his cousin. She is buried in the Perry family cemetery and his name was placed on the stone by my grandfather, O.F. Perry, their ggrandson. Evidently, Jefferson Madison was killed on a cattle drive, his body was buried and never found in 1867. I am 7 generations from Stephen Copeland evidently. Do you still live in Tennessee?

    2. No, I live in Kentucky, not far from the Tennessee line.

    3. I'm descended from Big Joe also! I'm part of the Texas line.


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