Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dearest Jole Blon

I wrote this in 2006 using song titles from Buddy Holly's discography..

Dearest Jole Blon,

Have You ever been lonely or down and out with the gotta-get-you-near- me blues? Well...alright, don't cha know? Somewhere down the line i'll have a soft place in my heart for you, but it'll have to be after i'm done changing all those changes. I'm a brown-eyed handsome man with a girl on my mind. Tell me how I'm gonna love you too? Instead of crying, waiting, hoping. No, no, think It over early in the morning, Little baby. Ting-A-Ling! Hello?? You don't need a guy who just wants to rock around with Ollie Vee. What you need are words of love. Yeah, it's a fool's paradise, I know, but listen to your heartbeat. It's so easy, and before long there'll be no more blue days, black nights.

When I get through with the midnight shift I'm gonna set my foot down. So get ready teddy and just maybe baby if you're done with learning the game....well, oh boy! who knows? I mean, when sin stops...yeah, yeah, that'll be the day, I know. LOL. Would you listen to me? Pfft!!! I'm just sitting here reminiscing and wishing about true love ways.

Don't tell me, I know what you are thinking...."Come back baby and look at me...everyday. You're my one desire. You're the one that I want to stay close to me. Rock me my baby, send me some lovin'" Yeah, I know all that, but, hey, it's not my fault that I gambled my heart. Love is strange isn't it? But don't wait till the sun shines Nellie, 'cause you and I are through. The door to my heart is shut. Baby, you're so square, I don't care. And, you know what? It doesn't matter anymore because last night the flower of my heart, Peggy Sue, got married, so it's too late. You see, Peggy Sue was the Queen of the ballroom, a real wild child so to speak, who knew how to shake, rattle and roll, and now I ain't got no home. These moondreams are over. Done. Finished. Ka-put! All I have left are lonesome tears, an empty cup and memories that will not, I repeat NOT fade away. Everyone says love's made a fool of you. Yep, that's what they say and that makes it tough.

You wanna know what to do? Call some other modern Don Juan and say, "Oh, you beautiful doll, meet me at Smokey Joe's Cafe on blue Monday." Take your time. That's my desire. Just don't come back knockin on the door to my heart cryin' a valley of tears, and slipplin' and slidin' all over the place. Sheesh!

I am SO gone,

Bo Diddley

P.S. - Mailman, bring me no more blues. If I get another letter I'm just going to rip it up.

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