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One Honest Brother

At a business meeting of Clear Fork Baptist Church in May of 1855, church member Isaac Wright was accused of drinking too much. His response was, 'I do not remember it!' ( is written that way in the official minutes.)

Well, at least the brother was honest! I suppose after thinking about it, Bro. Wright apparently was able to recall the incident because at the next month's business meeting, he said he DID NOT drink too much! The Church did not believe him.....and the members kicked him out! His wife, Elizabeth, did not take the news sitting down. She stood up and requested a letter of dismission, and at the same time, tried to make some sort of accusation against Bro. Joseph Denton regarding a deposition he had made in an Overton County lawsuit. I don't know what that had to do with her and Bro. Wright's situation, unless it was Bro. Denton who accused Bro. Wright of drinking too much. But, anyway, the deposition was read, but the Church found no fault with its pastor. Sister Wright withdrew from the Church.

I know the way that occured is funny to read, but in reality there is more to the story, because, you see, Brother Isaac Wright was also known as....Deacon Isaac Wright. He had been a deacon for almost six years when this episode occured. And....before that he had been a trustee of the Church from 1844 to 1849.

Isaac and Elizabeth Wright had migrated to Kentucky from Virginia. Both had been born in North Carolina; Isaac in 1789 and Elizabeth in 1803. They arrived in Clinton County in the early spring of 1841, and became members of Clear Fork Baptist Church in May of that year. From 1841 to 1855, Bro. Wright had been VERY active in Church affairs. It is proof that we all sin. No one is immune to it. Some do it more than others, sure. I am just thankful that Jesus forgives us of our sins if we ask Him too.

Isaac Wright was still living when the 1870 census was taken. He was 80 at the time. In his life, he was a wheelwright and a farmer, while Elizabeth was a weaver. The Wright's had five children; four boys and a girl.

Note: I found this entry in the minutes of the meetings from July of 1874: James Craig [is] retained as sexton (in charge of the maintenance of the Church building and/or grounds.), and "Sister Remelia Talbott will SWEEP the house!"


  1. Iam very interested in this story! Can you tell me more about the wright family members of clear fork baptist church! Iam trying to make a connection to my gggrandfather Rev Ballinger Wright that served many churches in this area! It is yet been proofed who ballinger wright SR father is! born 1821 tenn. it as been a long search for me! I have read alot of your stories and have enjoyed them very much! And looking forward to reading many more! Its been an enjoyable night reading! You can contact me at

  2. Here is a partial list of Wright's who were members of Clear Fork. I am sure there are others, but I will have to search "A Lighthouse in the Wilderness" to find them.

    Lewis WRIGHT

    Betey WRIGHT

    Iridel WRIGHT (Aug 1841)

    Elizabeth WRIGHT (May 1841)

    Nancy WRIGHT

    Patey WRIGHT

    Isaac WRIGHT (June 1841)

    Polly WRIGHT (Aug 1841)

    John WRIGHT

    Betsey WRIGHT

    John WRIGHT

    Jacob WRIGHT

  3. Wow! Thank you so much! If you ever run across the name of Rev Ballinger Wright Sr,Who preached at many churches in the surrounding areas! please let me know! Rev Ballinger Wright Sr was a very interesting family member,besides being a wonderful baptist preacher and father! It is recorded he had 70 plus professions! I know he was a farmer and was his own lawyer in the behalf of his father in law Ambrose pierce estate as conservator in 1864! These are the only other professions i could come up with. I have a hunch he could have been a school teacher as well! Oh! Also in 1880 he was a post master running a small post office! Thats all i came up with so far! Him and his family had lived in wayne county and clinton county and pulaski county! Again Thanks so much! I truly appreciate it! One of these days ill be able to afford the book Lighthouse In The Wilderness,I have read and heard it is a wonderful book! Thanks! And chat soon! Barb!

  4. The books are $15. E-mail me away from this blog as I am unable to reply to you in private. Thanks!

  5. Hi! Thanks for your help! You can email me direct at

    Thanks! Barb!


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