Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Serial Killer in the Land of Paradise

Here in the Foothills of Appalachia, things like this just does not go on. It just does not happen. Not this. Life is so much easier here. It is so laid back...nothing like what goes on in the big city ever goes on here. We wave at folk we meet along the highway. People from 3 or 4 states travel here in large numbers every weekend to run up and down the lakes or fish. It's paradise here. Why oh why is the headline talking about a serial killer amongst us? This cannot be happening here. Not this.

That is why the bizarre claims that have been made by an inmate at Indiana State Prison absolutely do not make any sense. It makes no sense at all.

How could a man who grew up in this area -- who lived in this area -- kill 17 women and sacrifice five infants, as he claims? It just doesn't add up.

David Bell said he was possessed by a demon when he tossed a plugged-in hair dryer into the bath tub and killed his own mother, when this crazy tale began in 1991.

He said he had always had thoughts about murdering people. But why? How?

It just makes no sense. It's too crazy to even try to comprehend.

He claims he sacrificed five infants to satan by burning their bodies each Halloween between 1995 and 1999.

The idea that his really did that makes me want to throw up.

Is it....true?

He told his ex-wife he had mixed body parts into food they both consumed during their marriage.


To think that man lived in the same town as my mom and dad, and my grandparents...I do not want to believe this is real.

Tell me this guy is making all this up. I am praying that police will find out that this man's claims are just not true.

What a nightmare this is.

What a sad day it is in this 'land of Paradise.'

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