Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Last Picture Show

Artist Fred Thrasher was commissioned by the local Project Graduation group to do a print as a fund raiser. He chose the place where I grew up. Albany Drive-In Theater was owned by my grandfather and uncle. Thank you Fred, you have made my family very proud.


  1. Yes, Randy, I a so happy to see Fred's drawing of the drive-in. I grew up there, as well as my sisters, all of our girlfriends, cousins, and anyone else who wanted a job. We didn't really consider it a job . . .we had fun while we worked! Those Dusk to Dawn movies were a killer !!! Fred has captured the "feel" of the place in his painting. Why, I believe that tall man outside the consession stand is Daddy! Fred, if you're reading this, A BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

    Marsha Speck Norris

  2. I was visiting in Albany this weekend and seen the Drive-In print. My husband is origanally from Albany and has always talked about the happy childhood memories he has of the time he spent at the drive in. Do you know where I can find one one to surprise him with?
    Thank You
    Polly Story


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