Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sister Shipley Died

I've always been fascinated with the early history of my Church. Established in 1802, the clerks kept great records. I was looking at them yesterday, when the entry from December 1858 caught my eye. It contained only three words, Sister Shipley died. It inspired to write the following lyrics.

In 1858 Sister Shipley died
And though it doesn't say it, everybody cried
When the Church folk gathered 'round
And placed her in the ground
On that cold December morn'

The choir sounded like a great angelic band
And the preacher talked about a home in Beulah land
Now here I must confide
The blood was applied
The day that Sister Shipley died

Joy to the world the Lord is come
Let earth receive her King
And the angels they did sing
Hosanna to the King
On the day that Sister Shipley died

Sing hosanna, sing hosanna
Sing hosanna to the King of kings
Sing hosanna, sing hosanna
Sing hosanna to the King

Hosanna in the highest is the song we sing
For Christ is our redeemer, Lord of Heav'n, our King
O may we ever praise Him as in Him we abide
The way they did when Sister Shipley died

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