Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Kentucky

The moonlight falls the softest in Kentucky
The summer's days come oft'est in Kentucky
Friendship is the strongest, Love's fires glow the longest
Yet, a wrong is always wrongest in Kentucky

The sunshine's ever brightest in Kentucky
The breezes whisper lightest in Kentucky
Plain girls are the fewest, Maidens' eyes the bluest
Their little hearts are truest in Kentucky

Life's burdens bear the lightest in Kentucky
The home fires burn the brightest in Kentucky
While players are the keenest, Cards come out the meanest
The pocket empties cleanest in Kentucky

Orators are the grandest in Kentucky
Officials are the blandest in Kentucky
Boys are all the fliest, Danger ever nighest
Taxes are the highest in Kentucky

The bluegrass waves the bluest in Kentucky
Yet bluebloods are the fewest in Kentucky
Moonshine is the clearest, By no means the dearest
And yet, it acts the queerest in Kentucky

The dove's notes are the saddest in Kentucky
The streams dance on the gladdest in Kentucky
Hip pockets are the thickest, Pistol hands the slickest
The cylinder turns quickest in Kentucky

Song birds are the sweetest in Kentucky
The thoroughbreds the fleetest in Kentucky
Mountains tower proudest, Thunder peals the loudest
The landscape is the grandest
And Politics the d**nedest in Kentucky

*Written by Judge James Hillary Mulligan for a banquet for the members of the Kentucky legislature held 11 February 1902 at the Phoenix Hotel in Lexington. James Hillary Mulligan was born in Lexington on 21 November 1844. He was an editor, attorney, judge, state senator, consul-general to Somoa, and orator. His home, Maxwell Place, is the offical residence of the president of the University of Kentucky. Judge Mulligan died July 1, 1915.

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