Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When I Needed Him Most

I was talking to a friend of mine online today and she wanted to know how does one go from being a back row Baptist to being a front row Baptist? I typed, "The Bible says all have sinned, and that means from the front row to the back row." Just then, the phone rang. It was June Spears calling to tell me about a new CD she and her husband, Bro. Larry Spears, had just released. She said Larry was on his way to the station to give me a copy to play on the air. After I hung up the phone, I turned back to my computer and continued to read the words my friend had typed: "No, that's not what I mean." "How do I feel good enough about myself to want to move from the back row to the front row?" That caused me to pause and think of an answer for her. As I thought about it, I typed "Hmmm." As I pressed send, I heard someone come through the front door. "I'll be right back," I typed, and walked into the lobby to see Bro. Larry standing there.

Now, Bro. Larry is a friend of mine. I have much respect and admiration for him and his wife, June. Her grandfather, Azle Edra Means, was the twin brother of my great-grandfather William Ezra Means, so that makes us fourth cousins. June and Larry love to sing for the Lord, and Larry has been a good and faithful pastor for many years. Many years ago, Larry and June recorded an album that contained ten songs, all written by Bro. Larry. There is a copy of it at the station. After greeting Bro. Larry with a handshake, he presented me with a brand new CD version of this album, and I was more than delighted to get it.

After a brief, but very pleasant visit, Bro. Larry went on his way. As soon as he was gone, I put the CD in a player and began to get re-aquainted with the album. As the tracks begin to play, I quickly realized, again, that Bro. Larry is a great songwriter.

On track four, I found a beautiful song entitled, "When I Needed Him Most." As I listened to the words, I knew I had found an answer for my friend.

He saw the broken life that I tried to hide
He opened my wounded heart and looked deep inside
He picked up the pieces that I could never mend
And with beauty He put them back together again

Just when I needed someone to care
While others forsook me, my Saviour was there
In my weakest moment He held me so close
And oh how He loved me when I needed Him most

I had no future, ashamed of the past
A life scarred by failure, so empty and vast
Helpless and so lonely, I searched for a friend
But He filled every longing when I let Him in

Just when I needed someone to care
While others forsook me, my Saviour was there
In my weakest moment He held me so close
And oh how He loved me when I needed Him most

So, I told my friend, "Where God really wants to move you, is toward Him. He just wants you to want Him. It's not so much about where you physically sit in Church. God wants to move you from the back row to the front row, spiritually. Then it hit me. I said, "I bet there have been times in your life when you've found yourself wrestling with God over Him wanting you." She replied, "Yes." So I said, "He can cleanse every stain, ease every pain, mend the pieces of your broken heart, quieten every fear, dry every tear and fill every single longing you have. You just have to let Him!"

There have been times in my own life, even right now, that I have found myself in a place where if it were not for the Lord, I don't know how I could have ever made it. And, just like Bro. Larry wrote, "In my weakest moment He held me so close, and oh how He loved me when I needed Him most."

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