Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The First Step

Growing up in broadcasting, one of my disc jockey idols was John 'Records' Landecker. Every night, when the sun went down, WLS-AM in Chicago came booming in and I would tune my radio dial there and sit in my car and listen to him. John 'Records' Landecker was great on the air. He was entertaining and he was energetic. He had a voice like no other and I would imagine that I was him. He was the first disc jockey I was really into outside my local realm. His nighttime show on WLS reached out to 37 states. Undoubtedly, John 'Records' Landecker inspired numerous kids to become disc jockeys.

I like where he said 'belief in what you do is the first step to becoming great at what you do.' He said the first step to be something is the desire to want to be it. He said you have to be willing to do anything.

In 33 years of broadcasting, I've pretty much done it all; worked weekends, been a janitor, an engineer-want-to-be, salesman and now, general manager, and I have hosted shows of every variety; rock, country, gospel, bluegrass. I learned real early that no matter what the music genre was, there would be nothing to show unless the program was right. The right music mix. No matter what the style was, the show had to have something of worth to it in order for it to be well received by the audience. John 'Records' Landecker said "If no one has a product, it does not matter what you have. If it is junk, no one wants it."

That is what I love about my new business. The product definitely has worth and the program is right. The most important part is that it is providing a much-desired better way of life for my children and I. 'Belief in what you do is the first step in becoming great at what you do.' Thanks for saying that John 'Records' Landecker. I still may have a long way to go, but I believe in what I do.

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