Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Dream

On an old farm, known as the Jonathan Jones place, one mile from Gradyville in Adair County lived Mack Coomer and wife, both of whom who had reached the age of 60. Mr. Coomer, who was a good citizen, upright in his dealings, and just and courteous to his neighbors, was also a wicked man and had never given much time or attention to spiritual matters.

All that changed one night after Mr. Coomer and his wife had retired for the night. After deep sleep had been disturbed by a dream, Mr. Coomer awoke his wife to tell her that he has been warned in a dream that lightning would strike the house and kill him. He urged that they leave immediately, which they did, spending the remainder of the night with a neighbor.

The next morning when they returned home, they discovered that lightning had indeed struck their home,  even the very bedstead in which they had abandoned the night before.

This story originally appeared in the April 27, 1904 edition of the Adair County News. The story noted that Mr. Coomer 'has turned a leaf, so it is stated, and now holds family prayer every night.'

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