Friday, March 15, 2013

My Champion Record Collection

The name Champion Records has been used by at least four record labels. The earliest, Champion label was produced by Gennett Records (1925–1934) that featured country, as well as popular bands, hot jazz and blues. Gene Autry recorded for Gennett on the Champion label and it is said that his horse, Champion, was named for the label. In 1935, Decca bought rights to restart the Champion label, using it until about 1937.

Carolina Ladies Quartette - Don't Put Off Salvation Too Long (15879A) 1929
Carolina Ladies Quartette - My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me (15879B) 1929
Cliff Carlisle - High Steppin' Mama (16239A) 1931
Cliff Carlisle - Alone And Lonesome (16239B) 1931
Cliff Carlisle/Wilbur Ball - Birmingham Jail (45029A) 1931
Cliff Carlisle/Wilbur Ball - True And Trembling Brakeman (45029B) 1931
Dan Hughey - Angels In Heaven Know I Love You (15771A) 1929
Dan Hughey - Will The Angels Play THeir Harps For Me (15771B)  1929
Dan Hughey - Cindy (15851A) 1929
Dan Hughey - My Little Home In Tennesee (15851B) 1929
Goodman Sacred Singers - Working For The Master (15330B) 1927
Goodman Sacred Singers - I Am Redeemed At Last (15547A) 1928
Goodman Sacred Singers - Rocking On The Waves (15547B) 1928
Goodman Sacred Singers - Give The World A Smile (15612A) 1928
Goodman Sacred Singers - He'll Tell Us All About It (15612B) 1928
Goodman Sacred Singers - Keep Holding On (15773A) 1928
Goodman Sacred Singers - Where We'll Never Grow Old (15773B) 1928
Goodman Sacred Singers - That Glory Land Way (16100A) 1928
Goodman Sacred Singers - Singing On The Journey Home (16100B) 1928
Hamlin Quartette - When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder (15330A) 1927
Hutchens Brothers - Praise The Lord It's So (15464A) 1928
Hutchens Brothers - Meet Me There (15464B) 1928
Hutchens Family Trio - I Will Praise Him Hallelujah (16013A) 1930
Hutchens Family Trio - Sweeping Through The Gates (16013B) 1930
Jackson County Barn Owls - I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home (16031A) 1930
Jackson County Barn Owls - Bake That Chicken Pie (16031B) 1930
Jim Taylor/Bill Shelby - It Won't Be Long Till My Grave Is Made (15730A) 1929
Jim Taylor & Bill Shelby It's Sad To Leave You Sweetheart (15730B) 1929
John Hutchens - The Sinking Of The Submarine (15427A) 1927
John Hutchens - The Marian Parker Murder (15427B) 1927
Saul Meyer - Cohen On The Telephone (15506A) 1927
Saul Meyer - Cohen's New Auto (15506B) 1927
Tex Riter - Nobody's Darling But Mine (45153A) 1935
Tex Ritter - My Brown Eyed Texas Rose (45153B) 1935
Welling Trio - Just Inside The Eastern Gate (16035A) 1930
Welling Trio - Will The Circle Be Unbroken (16035B) 1930

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