Monday, July 27, 2009

In Memory of Bess Farmer

Previously, I wrote a story about Ruel Thomas and his involvement at Renfro Valley. If you do not know about Renfro Valley, click on Ruel's name above to read that story. Anyway, before Ruel left the Renfro Valley Barn Dance he introduced the audience to three young school teachers and gospel singers. They were Bess, Marie and Hazel Farmer. Little did anyone know that those three young ladies who were from my town would have a huge impact on the Renfro Valley Barn Dance over the next 25 years. As far as service to the barn dance goes, the Farmer Sisters went on to equal or surpass the legendary Coon Creek Girls. They quickly established themselves as permanent fixtures in all activities in and out of Renfro Valley. Bess would play the accordian on the Saturday night Renfro Valley Barn Dance and Ma Lair's old parlor organ on the Sunday Morning Gatherin' Radio Show. The Farmer Sisters talents fit the 'Gatherin' to a T, and their personalities made for a fun-loving Saturday night at the barn dance.

Bess Farmer died today at the hospital in Glasgow.

The Farmer Sisters

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  1. Bess Farmer was my teacher in the 2nd grade at Chenoweth School in Louisville, Kentucky. She also lived in an apartment near my home - close enough for me to visit her on occasion. I remember the picture above being prominently displayed. She was a great teacher and a wonderful lady who left enough of an impression on me that I still remember her well over 40 years later. I am so sorry to hear of her passing.


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