Friday, October 3, 2008

Opening The Door

I have a lot to be thankful for. Ever since I wrote The Darkest Hour Before The Dawn (The Story of Jacob Speck), I have been thinking a lot about my ancestor, Jacob Speck, my 6th great-grandfather; his life, and how it ended. How his family must have struggled to get to America! Things had turned to the good for Jacob here in the land of opportunity. He had a beautiful young family, and no doubt so many hopes and dreams. No doubt, he was thankful for how God was blessing him here in America. What joy he must have had in his heart! He was a brave man, not afraid to stand up for the country that was allowing him to enjoy something we all too often take for granted - freedom.

What must have been on his mind as he stood in line waiting for the battle to start that morning at Camden, South Carolina. He did not have the chance to run as the others did. Knowing how the Gates' battle plan was poorly designed, I would have wanted him to, for only to spare his life.

During the civil war, just before he was executed by hanging, Champ Ferguson's wife instructed him to 'die like a man.' Champ replied, "I wish there had never been a war." Life is so precious. How often do we overlook that part?

George Speck never knew his father. I wonder how many times he said, "I wish there had never been a war!" Probably a lot. Jacob Speck's story is a sad one, but it reminds me that God never closes one door but that He doesn't open another one. Before his death, God allowed Jacob to plant the seed that eventually brought me into this world. Then, He blessed Jacob by allowing him to see his new son George, my descendant. Surely, before he left home to do battle, Jacob must have looked at his newborn son and thought about George's future...a future that includes me. God is good and I really do have a lot to be thankful for.

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