Monday, May 19, 2008

His Vineyard

If there is anything in this world that is needed most, it is for the good people to encourage the wayward youth to quit his folly and turn to Him who gives us life, health and strength, and all we have. We all have an influence over someone. Are we yielding that influence for good or evil? We were placed here to work in His vineyard. Parents, much care should be taken with the lovely buds that are just beginning to bloom into woman and manhood. We should set examples before them that will be remembered in after years. How sweet it is where father and mother gather their family around the family altar and offer up prayer in behalf of the loved ones, and as they grow up and leave the parental roof and make a living for themselves, no difference what may come, that impression will ever bear on their minds. How sad it is to know that there are children taught that the Bible is not true. Those parents will one day see their awful mistake and then the cry will be too late. Friends, are we doing all we can in saving some poor soul that is going down to perdition from the want of a little encouragement? We have no excuse. If we cannot go out and preach like Paul, we can help them at our door. If thine enemy hunger feed him. If he thirst, give him drink. For in so doing thou shalt lay up treasures that will stand through all ages to come. Time is fleeting. Moments are passing. We will soon be numbered with the dead, though it may be many years, few days at most. Therefore, we should live right day by day and encourage our friends as we journey along so when we are called at the judgement bar of God, that we may see loved ones there on the right hand that pointed out them the way.

Hettie Frost, 1891
My great-grandmother

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