Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Twenty Ten!

2010 -- Okay, I am just wondering, are we going to say Two Thousand and Ten when we refer to the new year, or will we start saying Twenty Ten? Not that I am on a bandwagon to change the way we say it or anything. Like I said, I am just wondering.

In the last decade, we said Nineteen. It was Eighteen the century before that. But now we are saying Two Thousand instead of Twenty.

Go figure, but ever since 2000 rolled around, we've been saying Two Thousand, which makes it sound science fiction, like the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey.


But on the other hand, what about the song, 'In The Year 2525' (as in Twenty-Five Twenty-Five), by Zager and Evans?

What is your opinion? Who cares, right? Okay, so see ya in Twenty Ten, or Two Thousand And Ten...sigh.



  1. Randy, I can't believe a solid radio guy like you would even ask this question! Well, actually, Terry Meiners of WHAS asked it on Facebook and I told him: "It all boils down to the number of syllables, and if you're in Terry's trade, you act on the realization that it takes 33 percent more time to say "two thousand ten" than "twenty-ten." Heck, Charles Osgood even said "twenty-oh-nine."
    Happy new year!
    --Al Cross

  2. I agree Al, it takes less time to say 'twenty-ten.' I had an advertise who spent all of 2009 saying 2-oh-9! Now, that's really fast! :)


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